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Adventures Kayaking
(239) 601-6976
11368 Sunray Dr. Bonita Springs
Bonita Springs, FL
Ace Performer Windsurf Kayak & Canoe Shop
(239) 489-3513
16842 McGregor Boulevard
Fort Myers, FL
Kaptain Kayak
(239) 207-8260
Brook Side Marina 2015 Davis Blvd. Naples
Naples, FL
Sweetwater Kayaks
(727) 570-4844
13060 Gandy Blvd
St Petersburg, FL
Bill Jackson's Shop for Adventure
(727) 576-4169
9501 U.S. 19 North
Pinellas Park, FL
Cocohatchee Nature Center
(239) 592-1200
12345 Tamiami Trail N Naples
Naples, FL
Kayak Excursions
(239) 297-7011
9571 Cypress Lake Dr
Fort Myers, FL
Kayak Excursions
(239) 297-7011
Fort Myers, FL
Canoe Country Outfitters
(727) 545-4554
6493 54th Avenue North
Saint Petersburg, FL
Pensacola Kayak & Sail
(850) 456-5856
3009 Barrancas Avenue
Pensacola, FL

Wassup with SUP--Jimmy Blakeney's Top 10 SUP Tips

Wassup with SUP--Jimmy Blakeney's Top 10 SUP Tips

SUP Stud: Blakeney,
using his tips to shred
a New England wave.

Practice cross-stepping...don't "shuffle," that's lame...

So SUPping is getting off the ground. To go about it correctly, PL cornered SUP-convert and 2003 US National Freestyle Kayak Champion and ACA-certified instructor Jimmy Blakeney to offer his tips, from beginner to advanced. A SUP rep and athlete in New England for Jimmy Lewis Boards, Blakeney has developed a full SUP curriculum based on his kayak and surfing experience, and launched his new SUP school, New England Paddlesurf, this summer to get people stroking in the right directionÂ…

Jimmy Blakeney's Top Ten Tips for Good SUP technique in flatwater, whitewater and ocean waves:

1) Keep your head centered over the board, knees bent and your back straight to stay balanced. Don't lock your knees or hunch forward at the waist, it's bad style and makes you fall over too.

2) Put the full blade of the paddle in the water before you pull, and when you do so be smooth, don't try to yank the blade through the water. Never 'slap' the water with your blade, insert the blade in the water like sheathing a knife.

3) Use your feet and toes: Assuming you're barefoot (not advised for whitewater), spread out your toes and grip the board with your full foot to gain more stability; this also develops your foot and lower leg muscles and balance.

4) Look up and where you want to go, not down at your board, this will help a lot with balance and you won't run into stuff.

5) Torso Rotation: Just like in a kayak, you want to engage your core muscles when paddling. Rotate your shoulders and hips to engage these muscles instead of relying on your smaller arm muscles.

6) Active Paddle: Keep your paddle in the water and keep taking strokes even if you're not trying to "go" anywhere fast. You're much more stable when you have some board speed than when you're stalled out, and the paddle also provides a 'tripod' effect to help keep you stable. This is super important when in ocean swell and in whitewater.

7) When running whitewater and surfing, use a staggered "hybrid" stance (front foot with toes pointed straight forward while placing your back foot a few feet behind and to the side of the front foot with toes pointed to edge of board). This gives you more stability and you're able to lower your center of gravity by crouching down while keeping your back relatively straight.


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