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Kayak Corral Michigan
(800) 893-0007
9325 W. Michigan Ave. (Us12)
Saline, MI
Great Lakes Sea Kayaking Club
(734) 439-0049
39 W. Judd Rd. Milan
Milan, MI
Expanding Horizons Kayaking
(810) 355-6381
4021 Highcrest Dr. Brighton
Brighton, MI
Macatawa Boat House
(616) 834-3033
Holland, MI
Great Northern Adventures
(906) 225-TOUR
P.O. Box 361 Marquette
Marquette, MI
Kayak Corral
734-944-9283 or 800-893-0
9325 W. Michigan Ave. (Us12), Saline
Saline, MI
Aberdeen Bike and Fitness
(734) 475-8203
1101 S. Main Street Chelsea
Chelsea, MI
Areawide Canoe Kayak Raft Tube & Boat Rental by Wsnr
(231) 652-6743
25 Water Street
Newaygo, MI
Whitecap Kayak
(906) 364-7336
930 E Cloverland Dr Ironwood
Ironwood, MI
Old AuSable Fly Shop
(989) 348-3330
200 Ingham St., Po Box 429 Grayling
Grayling, MI

Progression: Thy Name is Big Waves

Progression: thy name is big waves

Freestyle kayaking and competitions are moving, like they should, away from the the small features and onto huge behemoths that make even Evil Knievel shudder.

Freestyle kayaking is going through a sort of revolution. We are moving away from the hole boating and cartwheels of the 90's and early 00's and into the age of the big wave. Before you get angry at me for thinking that I am going to bash NOC winning the World's bid read the rest of this article. The progression today is coming in waves, both themselves and what can be thrown on them. Paddlers are surfing bigger and more dangerous waves. They are getting more and more air, while throwing moves once thought impossible. Paddlers like Nick Troutman and Joel Kowalski are close to the double air screw. Guys like Ben Marr are are taking style to a whole new level throwing tricks that look smoother than the most celebrities faces. Boats are getting faster and bouncier allow these huge maneuvers, but some boat companies are still building boats that are friendly on both waves and in holes.

The waves that these guys are surfing these days are nothing like those 10-20 years ago. Gladiator almost reaches twenty feet on the low end and is backed up by a, the Ledge, that forms a gnarly recirculating hole at any level. Waves like Detonator and Bus Eater are also large beast that have been tamed, but still shiver a little in comparison to Gladiator. The waves are getting larger and with their size comes more inherent dangers. The water gets bigger making it harder to maneuver, and making holes and consequences, like flush drowning, larger as well. These inherent dangers do not frighten away top paddlers as they see it as more of a test of pure boating skills and not just their freestyle abilities.

The tricks that paddlers are throwing are getting, bigger, more complicated and the tricks that have already been perfected more styled out. Combos are being linked together that make people wonder "How is he able to do that without hurting himself?" Look at the Best Combo section at Tribe's Rider of The Year Awards, there are moves like Airscrew to Blunt or Clean Blunt to Pistol Flip. These are a far cry from the days of when a donkey flip was cutting edge. I am hoping to soon see a 540 helix to pistol flip. It will be done, and soon.

I feel like it is time for boat making companies to make a choice; either make a novice boat or make one for the more advanced. They can make both, but many companies try to make a top of the line boat, that they then dumb down so that appeals to a larger group of paddlers. They need to make the decision of whether they want to appeal to those looking to progress the sport along with their skills, or to master that eddy turn or spin. Right now the boats are the same across the board, to me, the only companies that made a boat for advanced paddlers only, and they are still popular, are Bliss-Stick, with their Rad and Nec...

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